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Commercial EV Charger Installation 

ElectriCharge Sydney offers tailored commercial EV charger solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of modern Sydney businesses.

Whether it’s car parks, office spaces, shopping centers, or sports stadiums, we offer bespoke electric vehicle charging infrastructure that adds value to your property and empowers your clients, employees, and visitors.

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EV Charging Installation
for Commercial Spaces

Investing in commercial EV charger infrastructure signifies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and client satisfaction. At ElectriCharge Sydney, we’re dedicated to partnering with property managers to create future-proof commercial spaces.

Universal Charging Options

Our 22KW AC fast chargers, equipped with a universal outlet, ensure compatibility with different EVs, offering an all-encompassing solution for commercial EV charger needs.


Optimal Charging Solutions

For locations such as shopping centers and sports stadiums, we typically recommend 22KW solutions. These provide some EVs with a full charge in approximately 3 hours.


Smart Charging Capability

Stay informed and in control with the ability to monitor the live status of each station at your sites, via a smartphone or desktop.


Load Management

We continually monitor the power usage of your building, adjusting the charging output to maximise your site's electrical capacity, thereby removing the need for expensive power upgrades.


Maximum Speed and Efficiency for Your Business

Advanced Electric Vehicle
Charger Technology

ElectriCharge utilises the latest EV charging technology sourced from leading Australian and overseas manufacturers. Read about our advanced features below.

Flexible Billing Options

Flexible Billing Options

Our installation can be tailored to be free for employees but billable for other visitors. Generate revenue and increase employee satisfaction with this strategic approach to commercial EV charger accessibility.

Data Driven Decision-making

Data Driven Decision-making

With our reporting and analytics, easily access the data that matters to your business.

Generate usage reports, view the status of the vehicles, resolve charger faults with one click, and efficiently manage your charging infrastructure.

Integrated Vehicle Telemetrics

Integrated Vehicle Telemetrics

We offer software solutions that integrate with your vehicle telemetrics, allowing remote tracking of fleet vehicles and their charge status. This advanced feature enhances efficiency and control over your commercial transportation assets.

Expert EV Charger Installers

Why Choose ElectriCharge?

  • Industry Expertise: Our seasoned professionals have successfully implemented commercial EV charger solutions across diverse sectors.
  • Customisation: We tailor our solutions to fit the unique demands and layouts of various commercial properties.
  • Sustainability: Align your property with eco-friendly practices and enhance its appeal to modern, sustainability-conscious businesses and individuals.
  • 24/7 Support: We provide continuous support to ensure seamless operation and immediate response to any inquiries or concerns.

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Outstanding Customer Service

Your satisfaction is at the core of our business. Our customer-centric approach ensures that from the initial consultation to post-installation support, every interaction is marked by attentiveness, expertise, and efficiency.


Quality Assurance is our Core Value

Quality isn’t an aspiration for us; it’s a promise. At ElectriCharge Sydney, we are committed to delivering commercial EV charger solutions that uphold the highest quality standards.

Our team employs rigorous testing, inspection, and monitoring to ensure that every installation offers unparalleled reliability, safety, and performance.

Contact us to discover how our commercial EV charger solutions can transform your property into a hub of efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.

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